Sunday, February 21, 2010

Days 60 and 61, Very Dumb. Very, Very Dumb.

So I missed a possible chance to do this:

so I could go watch this:

I was running a medical scenario as a volunteer at an adventure race called Med Wars, put on by the EM Division at the U. I got to ski in to the hills behind Kamas and make a couple turns on the way back so I'm gonna count it. Pretty weak, I know.

Then, after picking up Casey and Pete, I discovered in the Alta parking lot that I left my skins in Kamas. Dumb. Resigned to sit in the car to let the others head up Grizzly for at least one run, I was kicking myself for being stupid like Jason. But, it dawned on us that we could go find a booter, and forgo the skins all together. On the way up to Alta, tracks were seen in the Y, so a joke about skiing it turned into a poorly hatched plan and Pete, who hasn't been skiing much this year, was a little nervous staring up the barrel of a 3,300 foot gun.

Creek crossing was ridiculously easy. Even Lars could have done it without getting wet.

We were only able to follow the booter about a third of the time, as previous skiers and some drifting had obscured the tracks.

Nevertheless, the conditions were solid through the first thousand feet or so. Moving higher, just before the second split, there were patches of slabby wind and spindrift and we decided we'd take the "I forgot my skins" consolation prize of the bottom half of the Y in pretty sweet conditions.

It only looks like I'm about to run into the big cliff.

I'm loving the Dynafit skis, the F1s are feeling better but still throw me off balance occasionally.
Pretty fun morning topped off by a run with JD and a quick evening at the Front. Likely, we could have gone higher, but it seems patience is the name of the game these days in the Wasatch. I don't mind waiting. I have another 50+ available days to tickle the tick list.

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  1. Iphoto 'enhance' makes everything look fake. Not even sure if you guys went skiing today. More like suited up for some angry booting pictures in front of the blue screen.