Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 54, Tanner's with Tanner, Almost

Set the alarm for 5:30 PM and woke up at 6:07 AM, already 7 minutes late to get Zack. Realized I forgot to switch the wash and pulled my dripping gloves and socks out of the dryer. Got ZF, then picked up Casey and his 210 cm skis that don't fit in my box and met Tanner at the BCC park and ride. Made an emergency dump at Seven Eleven and off we went. Rolling up the canyon it was snowing and Zack's Iphone told us the danger rating was moderate on the South aspects. There was also zero visibility. We didn't care. We were going anyway.

Heading up the biggest slide path in LCC

Once in the chute, we found a ton of avy debris covered in 6-10 inches of really low density powder. We skinned up the about 1000 feet, booted the next 1000, then skinned again another 600 across the upper bowl, trying to find the entrance to the upper couloir in the soupy fog. Entering the couloir Casey ruined our day as he dropped about 4 inches and we all heard a big WHOOMPH. If he wasn't such a fat ass we might have gotten first tracks from the top. Sufficiently spooked, we turned around as spindrift was pouring over the cliffs into the chute above Tanner puckering his already tight little butt hole.

On the way out, we were cutting through the spindrift loaded pillows when Zack made this happen:

It was 12" deep, 10 feet across, and ran about 20-30 feet, resulting in a partial burial of Zack's leg, chest, and arm. He had his pole raised high in the air thinking it would help us find him if completely buried. Probably another good sign that we made the right decision. Likely, we would have been fine but since we are respecters of the Lanche, we played it safe.

The way home: