Friday, May 31, 2013

Late May Pipeline Powder

A few others had the same idea before us since rain in the valley still means snow at the upper elevations this time of year.  We found tracks in and out of the Pipeline but inconveniently, the booter had vanished with the swirling winds.   Both Jason and I appreciated the contrast of the deep green valleys, white snow, and dark clouds that were messing with the sun.  All in all it was quite a beautiful morning.  It's the end of May and above 9000 feet on northerly aspects the skiing is still quite good.  

Not too bad for the end of May in a dry year...
Jason on the west summit of the AF Twins

Getting down to the skiing

It was almost "powder"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Recent Happenings

About to bail, high on Mount Owen
Well, not a whole lot has been going on around here.  We keep eyeing the weather hoping to settle the score with some old projects that have been shouting at us.  With a solid chunk of time off in the next weeks, I thought I'd get the chance to quiet the voices but Mother Nature doesn't look like she'll play nice.

With random days off that don't quite line up with good weather windows, I'm kind of tired of trying to force it.  Getting my ass kicked in the La Sals and Tetons this spring made me a little more patient I hope...

Why not try and stand on top of Teewinot in the dark in a storm?
Snow and clouds adding to the ambiance

Bailing (photo by Teague Holmes)
Teague, about to drop into the scary place known as the upper Koven Couloir with poor vis and a pathetic amount of "dust" on ice.  I tried to ski this too but after a couple turns and some major side slipping, I bailed on skiing as my method to bail and down booted the ICY Koven with two technical tools.  
In the meanwhile, to try and maintain some fitness, I've enjoyed running as the trails melt out and a little skiing as the snow lingers up high.

Photo on Mount Wire of me and Travis,  taken from Jason, who took the shot at my suggestion giving me the rights to the photo?
The training is going better than last year but time is always the limiting factor.  I always say we are undertrained in an ideal world.  But in that world, we sleep as much as we want, eat well, and don't work.  In the real world, jobs, thoughtless nutrition, families, etc compete for our time and the non-training stress as Brian Harder calls it is through the roof.  Add it all up and the current training load looks a lot bigger.

Comparing logs from a year ago, my mileage is up just a bit and I definitely have more running on my legs, which is good since as a back up plan to my spring skiing, I signed up for the Pocatello 50 Miler this coming weekend.  Last year, I went out hard and died spectacularly.  This year, I'll probably keep living by the motto:
"The best pace is a suicide pace.  And today is a good day to die!"
Well, this coming Saturday that is...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Gear:30 Slide Show 5/7/13

It seems kinda silly and the flyer is an exaggeration for sure but tomorrow evening, Jason and I will be giving a slide show at a cool new shop in Ogden.  We've been asked to talk about ski mountaineering but we might drivel on about some other topics too.  The cost is right and there will be some schwag by Outdoor Research too!

Here's a link to all the info you'll need: