Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 52, Little Pine

Another nice morning in the Wasatch. Picked up Casey at 6:15, stopped at Seven Eleven to take an emergency dump, and started skinning up the chute around 6:50. We pulled into the chute and found the nice booter the Samurai's crew had left amongst the frozen roller balls/avy debris.

Casey starting to warm up:

Booted about 3000 feet then found a short section of skin track then booted another couple hundred to the ridge and over to the top of the chute.

Contemplating the route through the frozen bowling balls below:

Beautiful chute, straight fall line, sustained pitch and width, but the South facing snow...D-. But as today was about the adventure and the UP...I'll give it a B 8.5


  1. Looks pretty nice. The 2nd picture makes it look 70 degrees or so, scary. Check out for the inaugural post.

  2. I just pulled out my ipod clinometer and I take back my 70 degree comment. More like 50.