Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 53, White Pine to Red Pine

Went out with Casey and Mar Dash this AM with intentions on skiing some lines in the Maybird Drainage viewed from the chute yesterday. Woke up though with snow in the Aves and a white out in the canyon. There was drifting along the ridges and not really knowing where we where going we stopped at the top of the trees below the Pheifferhorn. The descent mostly followed a stream gully that had a bunch of pillow-like features. I seemed really drawn to the stream itself and found myself on my back, hearing the water running under me. Not my best skiing performance. We skied the drainage out to the main creek, crossed without mishap, and Casey caught a ride from the toe of Tanner's back to the White Pine lot. Which gave us the idea of Tanner's...tomorrow?

Again no pics, not that today was worthy of pics other than me with my skis in the air, sticking out of the stream potholes. But once again, a classic:

A viking or a grench? You decide.


  1. That's hot !!

    Viking, Grinch, or baddest man on the plant? You decide......

  2. Baddest man in the picture...Maybe.