Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 48, Redneck day in the mountains

Headed out this morning with the plan to ski Argenta but at the pull out Casey realized he forgot his gloves, and his shovel, and his probe, and his jacket, and his backpack. Given it's North facing and the danger is still touted as considerable, we decided to ski something even more mellow and headed up Mill D to ski Short Swing. I had on jeans and thought it would be a jeans kind of day, but found some ski pants in the car last minute. So, between the two of us, we had one pair of gloves, one pack, one shovel, one probe, two beacons, and two cotton sweatshirts. The cotton was great cause we both wrecked and snow sticks to sweatshirts and there's no way to hide the crash.

Skiing was nice, about a foot of medium density powder on sheltered West to North to East facing slopes. Definitely crusty on the South aspects. No pics from today, but here's a classic:

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