Saturday, February 6, 2010

Days 49, 50: Suicide part IV, Colorado experiment

A guest visitor came to town rocking his special winter wear.

He decided to "boot" the chute in his running shoes. Definitely did better than expected...only one bitch comment the whole time.

Cody Smart contemplating suicide.

Flew out to Menver, CO to ski with the Viking and Indy Sherpa. JD forgot his skins. brilliant given the whole point of the trip was to go touring. Went to REI, then to Bentgate, then to Alpenglow, then called Neptunes, then decided to buy skins at Alpenglow and got a typical alpine start around 11:30 AM. Drove up to the Jones Pass parking area and hiked over to Butler Gulch.

A viking and a sherpa thinking this must be Utah:

Managed to tour 4-5K before Lars and JD started to develop bumping PB headaches and we called it quits. Day 50 in the books. And, on the way out...

Take that Casey.

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