Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 59, Argenta...sort of

Wanted to stand on a summit today, so we thought we'd skin up Argenta, get on the NW ridge of Kessler, and head up to the summit. Definitely a pretty morning.

We were making good time until we got to the trees at the head of the upper bowl. There had been an avalanche there a week or so ago, and there were definitely less trees than I remember. Check out part of the reason we felt the need to be cautious.
We dug a pit and found surprisingly stable snow without any of the surface hoar or facets that have been reported. Perhaps because we were in a fairly shady area? Anyway, the nasty deep facets remain with about 3-4 feet of well consolidated snow on top.

Up on the ridge, things were less stable and some cracking scared us enough to call it a day. Did a few ski cuts, with no result, and then had great turns back to the car.

Casey loving his locked down heels.

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