Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 64, School's Out!

Took a test yesterday and one this morning. Ran out of the building throwing papers into the sky without a care in the world. JD's coming to town and we both have March off. That means a lot of skiing, climbing, and eating. Hell, I even think we'll do some races for fun. Wouldn't be right not to. Now that I'm rocking some ridiculous skinny skis and the sweetest boots around.

Today we headed up Flagstaff under a scorching sun and things go so sweaty that as a joke I went bare chested for awhile. Having nothing on should have been my first clue I forgot my beacon in the car, but the redneck in me happily walked along, amused by the thought of getting a tan while touring. It's not really my fault as Casey was all steezed out in a pearly button shirt, so it felt like we were in the resort when we left the car. Somewhere around the top, and interrupting thoughts of dropping into to Days, I realized it was amateur day and that we should go down and get the beacon. All was well because we were meeting Sam, Roman, and Issac of the Inouye clan anyway.

Up Grizzly with plans to ski Patsy Marley, we were sidetracked by some short but great powder shots.

Uncle Roman was killing it on the teles

Stay tuned...March should be ridiculous.

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