Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 62, But, I don't want to go to school

Woke up to crystal blue skies and a cold morning. Casey's ambiguously gendered car told us it was 9 degrees as we took off up toward Cardiff pass. Originally we thought about a shot into Days, or Holy Toledo, but on the way up we saw these yahoos giving a clinic in how not to be a puss.

Thought we might go up there along the Cardiff Chuteletes to sample the conditions ourselves.

What would have been a day of endless, perfect skiing, was cut short by a writing assignment due at noon, that Casey had the audacity to not remind me to do. So here I sit, typing away after just finishing my assignment. Woe unto me.


  1. Amazing pics! B8.9 and growing....

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  3. You can almost see me in the background of the first picture blowing sh!# up like... well, like me. Notice the lift access.