Sunday, March 7, 2010

Days 71 and 72, Cabin Play Day and the Crowbar

Thursday night we decided to drive down to Sam's cabin in spite of the pissy weather. Sam, TAM, JD, Topher from Indiana, and I, crammed into the Subaru along with all our ski gear and drove a couple hours to the cabin. A lazy night turned into a lazy morning with a huge breakfast.
That's us making eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, OJ, and peach sauce.
Sam headed out with Uncle Roman and Tanner to ski Candland while JD, Topher and I went up Oh Yea to stretch our legs before the Crowbar on Saturday.
You think the Cottonwoods got a lot of snow?

Saturday morning we got up at 5, loaded up, and drove to Logan Canyon. Didn't make it that far before we had to take a McDonald's stop and visit a multitude of poopers. At the race, the turnout looked to be OK with around 30 people at the start. One guy in a full skin suit and Pierre Gignoux boots looked like the favorite. A lady came up to JD and I and said she had a beer riding on one of us to win. Not because she thought we would, but because her friend had already picked the speedsuit guy. Never having done one of these before, the start was fun with everyone sprinting up the hill, yelling like a high school cross country race. I quickly dropped into second, with JD a few places behind. When the leader began to slow after only a few hundred meters, speed suit guy jumped out in front and I immediately latched on. JD got stuck behind some others and we opened up a 25 meter gap pretty quickly. I was surprised that the pace felt easy and could hold a conversation with ease. As the course turned uphill JD closed the gap and we made friends with the speed suit guy, finding out his name is Joey. We stayed friends for a little bit until I couldn't ignore Sam's voice in my head ordering me to attack. About 3/4 of the way up the first climb, I sprinted past Joey and opened up a good 50 meters. JD passed him near the top and came to the transition just as I was leaving. That's the way it stayed through the next three climbs with the gaps ever so slightly increasing. Probably because my falls weren't as fantastic as JD's, I transitioned a bit better, and because he wasn't sure about the pacing over a two hour effort.

Meanwhile, battling out the rec division, Casey was blowing people's doors off.

It was a pretty hot day and the course was long but with gentle climbs and easy descents. Next time I won't use a water bottle with a screw off cap.


  1. congrats! fueled by MickyD's. sounds like a future sponsor?!