Thursday, March 4, 2010

Days 69 and 70, Scottie's and the Y

Not super motivated after a big day Tuesday, we went up Scottie's and No Name Bowl with Greg and were pretty soon psyched by the soft snow and fun terrain. Topher's evolution continued and he linked some prettier turns than previously demonstrated. Jason was glad to get back on the Kilowatts and Mega Rides and the Sherpa?

Just Happy.

Today, we met Zack at the LCC park and ride at 8:31. We were one minute late. Sorry Zack. Casey bailed again, hopefully not the beginning of a trend. We decided to check out the Y since we saw tracks in it yesterday and thought there might be an easy booter to the top. Turned out the new snow and previous skiers had entirely wiped out the booter, but gave us fresh untracked snow for 3000 feet. Well, more like 2500 as the last 500 were absolute garbage. On the way up we dug two pits and found stable snow down at least 4 feet both times. There was a layer of graupel about 4 inches deep through the middle sections that provided fun sluff and may prove dangerous after more snow over the next few days.

Zack was on a tight schedule to get back for work, and, this was supposed to be a rest day. Taking turns putting in the booter was taxing and slow, especially near the top in the deep powder. We ended up stopping at the top of the trees and just below the ridge. We weren't worried about it. The skiing was ridiculous.

The requisite pictures:

Topher from Indiana, finding himself some place he probably shouldn't be. Loved it though.

Zack wallowing balls deep and not exactly loving it.

Zack on his commute to work.

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