Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 79, Holy Mole, Toledo Chute

Anxious for some adventure after taking yesterday off, Casey, JD, Adam, and I went up LCC looking for something to do. We ended up on Toledo Peak, debating which way to go down. We decided on the "spicy little dish" as that's the way Casey likes his women and his skiing. The Chuting Gallery says about the line, "...although it doesn't look like much more than a bunch of trees with a valley below. Have faith and start down. A tight chute will appear, which in low snow may need some downclimbing or a rope to get through." Seeing as we're about 200 inches shy this year and how we didn't have a rope with us...we went for it anyway. Little brother Sam had told us there should be a fixed line so we weren't too worried.

He was right.
Adam lowering over a little cliff band as I look on.

I stole firsts down the chute, but it was good for everyone. Here's Casey jumping about.

We hiked back out Cardiff Pass, circled around, and went back up Toledo for the tamer, lamer South facing cousin Toledo Chute. It had softened up nicely and we made ugly turns back to the car.

And, while hiking, Casey and I found out we got jobs for next year. Looks like the slacker med student crew will have redouble our slacking efforts as they are gonna come to a screeching halt this July.

What to do tomorrow?

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