Monday, March 1, 2010

Days 66 and 67

JD came to town with Topher Bell, Indiana climbing sensation. Topher doesn't ski much, lives at sea level, has never skinned before, but is willing to try anything. Went up Kessler with Pete and Casey to show him a panoramic Wasatch view. Instead, clouds moved in and swallowed the entire range. Topher was exhausted on the summit, but we were psyched for him anyway. The way down? Didn't quite go so well for the little guy.

Casey, on the other hand:
[Sweet pic of Casey is missing because I forgot to load it from Jason's camera.]

A good rest got Topher rejuvenated for another go, so we went up White Pine to Lake Peak. Not bad. It was the 2nd summit in as many days for a guy who lives in some cornfields. He didn't even appear like his brain was swelling or his lungs filling with pink frothy stuff like on Kessler.

Topher going for gold

JD and Topher nearing the summit of Lake Peak

Looking South toward the couloir, with White Baldy in the background

A shot down the "creamy tenderloin," with Red Top and the Twins in the Background

Topher lived to ski another day.

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