Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 91, The Streak is Over

Last Monday we skied the Cold Fusion Couloir on Timp, but made a huge mistake. We forgot to stand on the true North summit which sits a couple hundred meters South of summit where the couloir tops out. Had to rectify that error.
North Summit

We traversed above the Grunge Couloir and thought about stomping the huge cornices guarding the entrance, but thought better of it. Turns out, a classmate of mine was trying to access the N. Summit via the Grunge and would have likely suffered severe bodily harm had we done so. I'm reminded occasionally that it's always a poor idea to trundle rocks, or throw stuff down mountain sides (like thousands of pounds of snow and ice) unless doing so to assess snow stability for one's one safety.

The Cold Fusion was a little more wind jacked than last Monday but still provided fun skiing in a great location with crazy debris following us down the run.

Great highway line, as seen from Draper

So that ends my streak because for the next two weeks I'm in class and then doing a neurology rotation for the two weeks after that. But, the latter part of March has truly been a great adventure. The last 9 days I've had great strong partners in Jason, Lars, Jared, Bart, Sam, Zack, Casey, and others. We started with a 7500 ft race in Jackson, then proceeded to ski the Coalpit, Needle, Coalpit #4, Bonkers, Timp West Face from main summit, Timp South summit, Timp North Summit down Cold Fusion x2, and the Super Tour. It has been cool to develop mountain fitness and feel strong moving fast in the mountains.

Rest day today, then we'll see what kind of after school activities we can scheme up.