Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 87, Answering Timp's Siren Song...Again

Today was pefect. Since 1998, I've wanted to ski Timp from the summit. And, since my parents moved to Pleasant Grove, between Battle Creek and Grove Creek, I've wanted to ski all the way to their house. I woke up at 5:00, went to pick up Casey at 5:30 and found him sleeping and undoubtedly hung over, drove solo to PG to pick up Jason, and we were skinning from the Aspen Grove trailhead at 7:15.

The morning was stunning.
Robert's Horn exploding with early morning alpenglow
Jason with undercast skies

We made quick work of Primrose Cirque, and found ourselves at the top of the snow field in just under two hours. Took a look down the line that little brother Sam and I skied a couple months ago.
Last time we skied the SW face from just above the saddle because I was running short on time and had to meet Jessie and because there just wasn't any snow on the summit ridge. Today, that wasn't going to be good enough.
We busted out the crampons for the long ridge traverse to avoid some sketchy skinning over hard snow.
Jason even pulled some rock moves.
A look back South. We traversed under the ridge, both because it seemed easier and because there were HUGE cornices overhanging HUGE cliffs on the other side.

We got to the top just after 10 am, making it 3 hours for the climb. Cold, and not feeling like waiting around for the snow to soften we dropped in.
I think he's pretty psyched
To score a 5,600 foot run back down to mommy and daddy's house.

The snow was still soft along NW aspects and hard but silky smooth anywhere else. Really fun skiing all around. While skiing frozen roller balls yesterday, Bart said that all turns are good turns. I completely agree.

Great morning, followed up by a trip into Provo to meet the famous Ed Eyestone for some Polish Dogs and then a birthday dinner for my cute little wife, Jessie.

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  1. I like how Jason is busting the rock moves with his helmet firmly attached to his backpack.