Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 88, Bonkers or Stairs?

TDB was in town from Oregon and wanted to be convinced to go adventuring. Was hoping to give him the ride of his life down the Stairs Gulch, "the great grand daddy of Big Cottonwood slide paths," but some concern over glide cracks amongst the group led to a million powder turns down Bonkers. The snow was surprisingly still pretty good but I don't know how much Tyler enjoyed it since he had saucer sized blisters that were tearing open and oozing juice with every turn.

I'd never been up Broad's Fork in the winter and found myself lusting after tons of lines. Particularly this one.
NW face of the Twins

...Not enough time.

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  1. Gotta respect the lanche.....

    Tell the PowdaGansta he needs to get in shape for the Peak to Peak race. I need a partner!!