Monday, January 6, 2014

A Weekend at Home

Everyone was racing their hearts out over the weekend but due to poor training, poor health, a poor work schedule, and a very healthy and happy desire to be home with my wife and two awesome kids over the weekend, I stayed home.  

I didn't need to travel to find out that my regular training partners (Tom and Jason) would have left me in their cold powder dust.  

This is what I did instead (scroll down to skip to the skiing pics)...

Jessie is a superwoman but every now and then she needs a break and I get to wrestle both of em at the same time

He might as well left a "Lars was here" sign.  He  likes to find gum and eat it ALL.  He doesn't grasp the concept of chewing it. 

A nice evening hike with cotton sock mittens started out well...

...but became a sad affair once his hands got too cold.  Thanks for all the suggestions on Facebook etc. 

He still had a good time though (Big Lars in the background)

Almost big enough to really put him to work

Still managed a beautiful tour with Jake, who didn't let all that heavy crap on his feet slow him down...too much. 

Photo by Jake of me hiking the long winding ridge up to Red Stack

Even nature makes corduroy

Photo by Jake, AF Twins in the background

Mountain poser posing

The last little bit

Stunning light, stunning day

This pretty well captures this guy.  It was freezing and we had every scrap of clothing on.  The wind was trying to knock us off our little perch and Jake smiles on.  He's been a good but all too infrequent partner in the mountains for years...ever since I used to be a climber of sorts.

At first the skiing didn't look too encouraging with more rocks than snow.

But it turned out to be fantastic!

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