Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Viking Hustle

Before getting on with today's pictures, Jason made a three minute video from some skiing on Santaquin Peak this week.  It really was a beautiful day.

Big Lars moved to Salt Lake at the end of the summer and brought the Colorado snowpack with him.  We don't care too much though since all snow is good snow.  Noah asked if crust counted as snow the other day but since all water is really just snow, albeit in different forms sometimes, I'd say crust, avy debris, powder, corn, graupel, stellars, facets, ice, and all other types count.  And well, we found most of that today in Tanner's along with a nice mix of rocks and assorted vegetation that doesn't count as snow.

On Saturdays, both Lars and I typically have to be home by late morning since we both have two young boys that need be worn out and tended to.  That means if we want to ski a reasonable amount we have to get up early (within reason) and more or less get after it.  The screwing around must be limited inasmuch as we are capable of limiting ridiculous behavior.   Today, we wanted to show Lars something big and since there's no bigger slide path in LCC we figured Tanner's would do.

We were really cruising until the colors started to get good and then everyone started taking out their phones and cameras.

We found breakable crust, supportable crust, powder, roller balls, and frozen skin tracks from a previous party.

JD can't help but be happy when there's skiing to be had

The upper chute required some delicate four wheel drive mode/levitation booting and we still nearly bloodied our shins. Oh, and the colors were great too.

Wasatch sunrise

More crawling. 

Topping out in 1:34 with reasonable conditions and a reasonable amount of screwing around.  With faster snow, race gear and a willingness to suffer, sub one hour could be possible for the right person.  
Nobody complained

Noah sought out more interesting variations

Below the chute it was firm and June in January. 

Lars hustling so we can get in another run before the deadline. 
We were all more or less on race inspired gear with me, Jason, and Noah skiing Alien 1.0s, Skitrab Magicos, and small bindings.  Jason and I were laughing how it's almost like cheating and big things don't take so long anymore.  All the better since that just means more skiing.

Speaking of racing, next week is the Outdoor Retailer Show and on Tuesday the on snow demo will be held at Solitude.  Near the end of the event, we will be holding a short one hour criterium style ski mountaineering race that I'm hyping up as the Wasatch vs the World.

See for more details and come join us for some laps, laughs, and lactic acid.


  1. rando crushing on santiquin. love it. more videos. dig the photo TR's too.

  2. wonder who put the skinner up tanners?