Saturday, January 25, 2014

Party Skiing

This was another good week of skiing in spite of the ongoing high pressure.  Tuesday, we had a successful turnout for the GoreTex Wasatch Skimo Race, held during the on snow demo for the Outdoor Retailer Show.  Wednesday, I found awesome crust and frozen tracks around Toledo and Grizzly.  Thursday, Tom and I put in some hot laps up Raymond and found surfy facets on the northern aspects.  Then today, the customary early Saturday morning crew ballooned to a party of 8.  We wanted to stand on some summits and did just that.  The skiing was a mixed bag but if the expectations are low enough, we find that it's always amazing!

Escaping the death trap air.  Photo by Tom Goth

Tom gets after it even if people say the conditions suck.  He doesn't care.  This photo was taken after nearly 9000 feet of hard climbing.  I went home and he put in another 3K in the dark.  Ridiculous. 

Today, we rolled with a party of 8.  Everyone on light gear with the pace ramped way up.  It was a 'move fast or get your tails stepped on' kind of morning with everyone faking like it was easy.  As we climbed into the higher terrain, finally we eased up and tried to practice safer travel with such a large group.  Spreading out and slowing down, we were able to enjoy the stunning morning alpenglow and catch our breath. 

Crazy morning light over Salt Lake

The Viking

Teague had to leave for work but we kept running 7 strong

Jason and his sun balls

After splitting the group with half skiing the East Couloir on Lake Peak and the other half dropping to the North, we rejoined and headed up Red Baldy.  Here, Luke Nelson, fresh off 130 mile running week, is about to tag his second new summit of the day.  

The tippity top of Red Baldy

Tom has really embraced the Euro way.  Plus, he's pretty excited to ski...always!

We tried dropping into a nice looking north facing chute from the summit ridge but Jared and Tom found nothing but ice through the choke.  The rest of us thought better and skied really fun acoustically pleasing crust.  We don't know what happened to the other guys...

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