Thursday, December 19, 2013

Red Baldy

Yesterday big Teague, Layne, and Josh decided to break away from the monotony of resort walking for a proper day in the mountains.  With the terrible, low coverage and weak structure, we've been mostly just hiking in bounds so as to not wreck our skis or our knees (Teague reprimanded us yesterday for complaining, saying that if we are in the mountains and there's snow to ski then we should take it as a blessing).

With low expectations, I figured we might not ski much but I just wanted to stand on top of a mountain.  Here are a few pictures of a nice day we were just able to sneak in before this nice little storm.
Clear up high while the PM2.5 was pushing the red zone at 144 down low.  Yuck.

The boys falling in line.

Teague is pretty psyched on his new gear.  Aliens and Magicos!

Getting a little boney

Dang.  Out of snow.

Looking to stand on top of something.


They guys are psyched!

Any skiing is good skiing!

Josh dropping in for home

Also of note, the Utah ski mountaineering racing scene is exploding.  Our last Citizens Race was Tuesday evening at Brighton and again, we had nearly 100 people in attendance.  Layne Caldwell took his turn to set up the course and bring pies for the winners.  His nice write up and pictures can be found here.  

The next race is January 7th at 7:00 PM.  Come enjoy a night chasing friends and train for your bigger goals in the mountains.  Hope to see you all there.  

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