Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Beautiful Wasatch

Over the past week, I've had the pleasure of spending a few days out and about and have been delighted by what I've found.  Forget those grumpy guys and gals who say it's not good out there.  It's always good!

Here's the proof...

Josh looks like a gift from heaven... not really.  The gift was the approaching storm. 

Normally Jason and I match but he looks pretty synced up with Teague.  Didn't see another soul in White Pine this day. 
With high avy danger, we went somewhere that didn't have enough snow to slide. 

Of all the people I know, two ski more than the rest.  Meet Teague Holmes.
Lars is so happy because he moved to Salt Lake City from Colorado!

Jason and some evening alpenglow

Salt Lake, alpenglow, and clean air

Tom Goth

Little brother

Big Lars throwing down a Mountain Dew while taking in the view with skinny Teague.  I named my kids after these characters?

We thought about going over there...

I mostly 'backseat wiggle' as Adam calls it but sometimes it's fun to go a little faster.  photo by big Teague

Big Teague ripping on little skis

With every rime event comes a LOT of pictures.  Teague skinning behind the feathers.

Of all the people I know, there are two that ski more than the rest.  This is Adam Fabrikant.  

Scrambling feathery granite

Photo by big Teague

I asked Adam to throw a heel hook and he obliged. 
The summit feathers were the biggest

Adam searching for some snow to ski amongst the talus
Fabby and the Pheiff
Pretty psyched on the day with tracks visible down the center of the photo.
Also, I'm pretty psyched on the skiing in the Wasatch right now.  I know it's not the same as in years past but if anyone tells you it's not good, they're lying!


  1. Great photos. Its so funny to watch all of the mountain-west folks giggle about rime. Here in the PNW, when it rimes, they resorts just call it packed powder.

  2. Kudos to the Viking. Comparing the front range to slc? There is no comparison. License plates don't lie.