Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday on the Timpanogos Massif

Some one told me that the best camera is the one that is on hand.  Jason has been bringing a DSLR and taking some amazing photos.  I've had my Iphone and have been glad for at least that.  The mountains have been really beautiful lately, perhaps enhanced by the contrast to the gnarly pollution.  

Here are some pics from another great visit to Utah County:

Heading up into Pika Cirque from Wooly Hole (I think)

Climbing out of Pika Cirque to the North Summit

Jason putting in the boot track to the summit ridge

Stepping out on the the west aspect, we were stunned by the lack of coverage.  Some snow patches looked to be growing January???

At some point while hanging out on the North Summit, Teague said, "I'm just so happy to be here right now!"

Alien Invasion.  Can't wait to see a real pair of Alien 2.0s, although they look too nice to take up for a rock hike. 

I've been waiting for some important mail and thought maybe it was accidentally delivered here.  Photo by Teague

The fellas returning to their skis.  

Jason was psyched to slip this adventure in before work

Big Teague in some big terrain

Jason sneaking off to work

Teague and I climbed out of Pika Cirque and dropped over to the Timpanooke side

And then decided we better climb up Robert's Horn since neither of us had been up there.  With increasing winds, there appeared to be some strange UFO lenticulars forming over the Cottonwoods. 

Nearing the summit of Robert's Horn with our previous two descents in the background

Yep, that's how we spell our boy's name too...after the big Teague
From just below the summit

All day long we thought the snow would be garbage but every descent skied surprisingly well.

Surfy facets, buttery spindrift, rotting sastrugi, and some windboard made for a joyous outing

Big Teague dropping into our sneak exit. 
As he lined this up all I could think was NOOOOOOOO!  He was skiing on my Ski Trab Magicos as his were stolen out of his garage last week along with his Gara World Cups and a ton of other fine gear.  If anyone sees this stuff on KSL or other outlets, CALL THE POLICE ON THOSE BASTARDS!

Nice mini coolie to end the day

Even caught a ride back to the truck to end the day and avoid some pavement walking.  No worries that we had to sit on a pile of garbage.


  1. Keep skiing with the DSLR, the photos are worth it

    1. Thanks for following along Swain! We miss you down here. I'm lazy so I'll stick to the Iphone. Jason needs something to slow him down so he can keep totting the DLSR. All the above are from the phone...the quality is noticeably worse than the photos Jason puts up but it's good enough to keep a record for me...

    2. Hey Guys, super inspiring as always! Since there was talk about DSLRs I thought I'd chime in as I recently stumbled into a pretty awesome combo : Canons new SL1 paired with a fixed 40mm "pancake" lens. Together they weigh just over 1.5 lbs. I've been taking it out on a few evening runs and am so happy to have it along as I can finally take great low-light images and I really don't notice the weight.

      Although, this may work against your objective of needing to slow Jason down. :)

      Take care,

      Jared Campbell

  2. Crap, sorry to hear about Teague's gear, super, super lame