Sunday, April 18, 2010

Terminal Cancer, Ruby Range

I saw a couple pictures a friend took while in NV this weekend and spontaneously decided to go on a little trip. I left SLC at 4:45 and made the boring, dark, solo drive to Elko, which is the launching off point to the Rubies. I planned on skiing the Terminal Cancer Couloir and nosing around a bit to see what else the place had to offer.

The Couloir looks imposing but the only difficulty lies in the narrow width that is sustained throughout. The hike from the car to the top of the couloir took about an hour.

Looking up from near the entrance
From the top
It's easy to drop off the other side from the notch at the top of the couloir and skin over to a small peak that offers great views of the range.

Easily day tripped, the Rubies make for a nice change of scenery to the Wasatch.

I made a super corny video filled with atrocious skiing that I'll post as soon I'm able to get it uploaded.

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  1. i felt for your skier's thumb on that fall. great video/adventure. you've had an inspiring year