Friday, April 2, 2010

Superior South Face

Sam and I had to modify our class schedule today in order to make it to my lesson on how to ski 30 inches of new snow on 78 mm waisted skis. We met Roman at the park n ride and wandered aimlessly up the canyon until we decided to head up to Superior to "take a look." The up was actually pretty fun with a lot of knife edge traversing along the skin track.

Clouds had been swirling around the summit all afternoon, but on our arrival they parted, giving the green light.
Roman nearing the summit

Monte Cristo with Maybird, Hogum, the Coalpit, and SLC beyond.

The snow was actually bottomless in places, but had sluffed off in others, leaving frozen avy debris lurking near the surface. The quality also deteriorated throughout the run to a decent sun crust on the apron. Didn't matter though. The run was amazing and Roman was psyched as he'd never been up there before.

Roman almost getting swallowed in waist deep snow.

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