Friday, January 22, 2010

Tremper says, "Don't do it."

From the UAC website:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Created at 11:25 am
Forecaster: Bruce Tremper


Dangerous avalanche conditions are occuring or are imminent. Backcountry travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended.
I have issued an avalanche warning for all the mountains of Utah. Very strong winds overnight combined with 8-12 inches of dense graupel continue to overload our fragile snowpack. Snow and winds should continue today with significant snow on Saturday. In northern Utah, avalanche danger is likely CONSIDERABLE this morning and will likely rise to HIGH later today. Southern Utah remains at HIGH. Skiers and boarders who want to recreate on steep slopes should go to the resorts today and through the weekend, where ski patrollers routinely knock down avalanches with explosives each morning before the public arrives. Snowmobilers should stay on groomed trails or recreate in gentler terrain.

Tremper says don't go so I didn't. Thought about Alta after 3 but I'm gonna go get my new Yakima Sky Box then head down to PG to take little sister out to dinner and listen to Kyler call me Jason all night. I think I could use a rest day anyway. Maybe tomorrow I'll go for 10,000. Later PBs.

Oh, and check out the Wasatch Winter Follies video at the sherapa site.

Lastly, pic of the day. Hopefully not a portent of things to come for this young lad.