Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reflections on 2009 and goals for '10

2009 was a good year. A prolific year. Jessie and I are now in our second year in our little cottage, I'm practically done with med school, and she's working toward a fellowship. Inspired by little brother Sam, I started ski mountaineering and reflexively, so did Jason and Tanner. Oh, so did Lars. Big check marks were the Y, Superior, Box Elder, Timp E. Ridge, Argenta, Middle Teton SW Couloir, Shasta, and Lassen Peak. See if you can match the pics.

TAM on a summit

TAM skinning toward a summit

A Super Couloir?

A couple of samurais booting toward a classic Utah summit

A viking on something silvery

Actually a fake samurai in his favorite range

The sleeping maiden

Lucas, Jeremy and TAM

So good was the skiing that it took a while to get into the mood to go climbing. Partly, I felt like school would ruin the year and with JD being in IN, partners for the big stuff seemed lacking. Soon however, they were coming out of the woodwork. Even random samurais like Tahn, a Vietnamese science teacher from Fresno, wanted to get in over their heads on stuff like the Nose. So thanks to all the P's out there who helped make last years climbing season the best to date. Specifically, little brother, DD, Graham, Jake, JD, Tahn, Zack, Lucas, Lars, Carmen, and Greg. A few more pics of the year are below.

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't take a second and give a special thanks to lil JD for being such a good sport. Thanks babe.

So those were some highlights from last year. Now it's time to look forward to 2010. The main goal that I'm working on is to ski 100 days this year, and by this year I guess I mean the 09/10 ski season. So for the next 64 times I get out, I'm at least going to post a pic so Lars can go bonkers on the B-scale. Oh, another goal is to ski all the easy stuff from the Chuting Gallery, hopefully under Sam's watchful eye. That's it for now...

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