Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 41, Avalanche hunting in Willow, Monitors, USA

Got up early this morning, Jessie early. Met a Tanner look-a-like at the BCC park and ride and jumped in his car since the Charger continues to try and sabotage me in the snow. Skinned up across the road from Solitude to take a look. Dug a pit just under the ridge (you know JD and Lars, where we skied that second run on Lars' last day here) and found nicely consolidated snow with no weaknesses down at least 4 feet. That's probably because the death trap is down a couple more feet, just off the ground. Anyway, proceeded to ski down through the trees and then put in a skinner up the slide path of this guy:

Pretty impressive. Lars, learn to respect The Lanche. Skinned along the ridge till finding a low angle shot to the West. Came back up again putting in the track and hiked along the ridge to the East toward USA Bowel. On the way, the Tanner look-a-like wanted to stomp some cornices so we roped up and I gave him a hip belay standing about 30 feet back from the edge. He stomped his way over and managed to drop a couple small blocks that just sloughed down the slope. USA was the exit and was full of fast dense powder.

Sorry guys, no pics today. Ski pics that is. Forgot the camera...stupid Sherpa. Use your little imaginations.

But, here are a couple for fun. Yep, Lars, you've never been there. Warren D has. Mike D has. So have we. You must be a PB.


  1. You bitches!! (I will be the first brave one to swear on this site). The climb is what is famous(which I completed) and not summitting a rock spire. I still count it as a big check mark!
    For Example- when you and JD summitted half dome and were greeted by the hundreds of fat "tools" on the top, did it matter that they also technically summitted? Just saying...... :)

  2. hmmm funny that the word "bitches" and a :) were used in the last comment.