Sunday, January 31, 2010

Days 44, 45, 46, Sherpa's back!

So as a break from skiing on Thursday Jake and I went up to the GWI and had the place all to ourselves. Jake decided that the first ice he ever climbed should be solo, so he went for it, with two tools of different lengths and not necessarily suited to vertical ice. Jake is smart. Friday, led to an exhausting lap up Flagstaff and then on Saturday, this happened:

Sam, Greg, Dave, and I went down to Provo Canyon to check out Stairway to Heaven. It was beautiful, but due to a tight timeline, we only had time for the first three pitches. The problem you see, was that we had to have enough daylight for some of this:

We had all piled into Greg's truck with Dave's dog for a trip down to Sam's cabin. Little Hermano and I ran laps in the Aspens till it was dark and then did one more. In the morning, I went with Greg and Dave for an early run and then Sam popped out of the house for some more tree skiing and hiking over huge logs to get to the good stuff.

The Inouye's are a gracious bunch and all the land in all the pictures really is a private playground.

Greg and Dave psyched for a little sled assisted skiing:

Moral of the story? Utah's probably more fun than wherever you guys are.  The days will likely slow down until then as tomorrow it's back to the classroom, everyday, all day.

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  1. Stairway looked fat, B9-B9.5. I hope I pop a WD tonight dreaming about it. I tired to up load a video to IND sherpa but it wouldn't work. I guess you have to wait to see Topher ski.