Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 39, Samurai sighting

Another 18" on top of the near week long dump has again made the avy forcasters wary enough to issue a high danger rating. Didn't stop the Samurai and his crew from getting out.

Nor did it stop these guys (a bunch of yahoos, presumably from the OR show).

Today was quite a change of pace from the mainly sluggish tours thus far. The Samurai and buddy BG are likely the fastest guys in Utah and were toying with us today as another friend was having a difficult time with his gloves, food, hydration system, and transitions. His torment was my relief as the pace was set at an "enduro" level just to keep warm. That however, turned out to be difficult while waiting in the wind and snow.

Cut a bit short by "family duties," the day was nonetheless pretty spectacular.

Little Brother feeling right at home as he is the winter sherpa

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