Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 36, Gaurdsman Pass skin trouble

This morning I was backing out of a gas station on my way to pick up Greg when I smashed into a support pole next to the pump. MOTHER EFFER! I even saw it before I started backing up. I really could have used that $500 deductible on something more fun. Anyway, after a trip to the body shop and a call to the insurance agent, Greg and I went out for a little jaunt up Gaurdsman's. We beat the slednecks and other skiers and ended up breaking trail from the parking area to the top of peak 10420. Too much powder along the low angle ridge? Maybe for the Havocs, since I could barely get going fast enough to make turns. We found better turning in the trees and even took some snow the the face a few times. Once down at the little shack, we regrouped to take another lap when Greg's tail clip snapped off, his skin got snowy, refused to function and prematurely ended our day.

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