Friday, January 16, 2015

Wizards of the Wasatch

Fitz Cahall came to town this week to work on a film project for Outdoor Research.  He wanted to go somewhere scenic so I chose to head up the White Pine drainage again.  We broke trail into the upper drainage, heavy laden with big skis and camera gear.  They day was calm and sunny and Sam Inouye, who now lives in Alaska, asked if the weather is always this good around here.  I guess he's already forgotten how special this place is.  But, none of us expected what was to come.  

The entire day, we had the drainage to ourselves.  The skies were dramatically undercast and we all kept commenting how uniquely stunning the mountains were.  

In the end, we skied three amazing shots in dense powder, pretending like we know how to ski before the camera.  I know there is already a Wizard of the Wasatch, but this day was so beautiful and magical that we all felt like happy little Atheys.  

Sam Inouye, back home in the Wasatch

Teague Holmes and Fitz Cahall on a dramatically undercast day

Jason about to top out Red Baldy

The boys nearing the summit on one of the most beautiful days I've ever seen in the Wasatch

Teague Holmes climbing back out of Icefall Canyon

Big Teague in his element

Jason going for round two as the light just gets better

From the top!
We all skied each run top to bottom nonstop so unfortunately didn't get any pics of the down.  I was on F1 Evos and DPS 112 Wailers and the skiing was so good, I forgot about my camera anyway.

Which brings up another question.  Over the past few years, I've mainly been using an iPhone and sometimes a Canon S100.  I'd like to step it up and improve my photos.  Any recommendations for a camera?


  1. Nice work. Check out the Sony RX100 2 or 3. Small with pro features and quality.

  2. I have been using the Canon G series for a few years and love it, just upgraded to a G16. Its just a little larger than your S100. Works great for skiing and climbing.

  3. Second the G series. Incredible quality and control for the size.