Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lone Peak NE Couloir: January 24, 2015

"They" say the skiing is bad.  "They" are wrong.  Our group grew today as it often does with fit, psyched add ons until we were six strong (I was crashing Teague, Tom, and Lars' original plans).  We got a reasonably early start from Alpine and within two and a half hours, with the help of good conditions, were standing on the South Summit.  We planned on skiing the NE Couloir as it would be a first for Tom, Teague, and Jason.  From there, I would bail out Bell's while the other guys continued on, enchaining a few more big peaks and lines.  

JD and Teague nearing the South Summit 

JD battling the wind 
Getting over to the main summit took a little convoluted booting but soon we were all six perched on the small summit block, eager to get to the business.

The boys punching it to the top

Noah just below the summit block

Looking down the NE Couloir from the summit

No one felt like airing into the line so we down climbed
The down was mostly soft and entirely better than expected with only a couple "scratchy" sections.  The cliff at the bottom was bigger than ever and we took the long way around.







Once on the apron, Jason and I made haste for our exit.  Fortunately, there was just enough snow to ski out to the trail where we switched to shoes and ran to the car.  Work and family duties were waiting.  The other guys with no such responsibilities today made the most of the conditions and tagged Chipman and Box Elder for some 12000 feet of steep skiing.  Well done boys!

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