Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lone Peak Always Provides

We decided to head up Lone Peak again since it's been so nice lately.  Having climbed it twice from Alpine this year, we made the easy choice to ascend from Bells since it's a bit of a short least it short cuts the drive.  Aaron Smith joined me and JD and we went up searching for the entrance to a chute we bypassed when skiing the NE Couloir last week.  

Our first choice cliffed out multiple times when viewed from below so we kept moving farther up Bells until a nice plan B came into view.  This line, the farthest south on the NE face of Lone, was a mixed bag with some steep "blue snow", some soft slough in the gut, and some chill ridge skiing from the South Summit.  I've skied it once before on race skis and it got my attention that day.  Yesterday was no different.  

Overall the day was surprisingly good considering the lack of new snow and general sentiment among the locals that the skiing is crap.  One thing is for sure, we didn't see another soul on one of the Wasatch's best mountains.  

I've been trying to improve my photography lately, but the day was challenging with the low light and monochromatic background.  Watching Jason work for good angles and a new camera will help.  Also, friends that wear colors other than black (Tom) will also hopefully help on days like this.  

Seldom Seen Smith learning to levitate 

I got a new camera.  Thanks for the suggestions.  Decided to go with the Sony A7 (photo by JD)

It was easier to climb here since our boots only went about a centimeter into the "snow"

JD easing into the business

Did I mention it was firm in places? (photo by JD)

Photo by JD

Photo by JD

Photo by JD
Seldom Seen finding some softer snow lower down. 

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