Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Grunge Couloir: January 27, 2015

Today was Lars' late day, meaning he didn't have to be at work until 1pm.  That gave him some extra time to roam the hills this morning and we all try and make an extra effort to join him on these days.  He'd never skied anything off the north end of Timp so after collecting Jason and Teague, we rallied up American Fork Canyon still undecided on an objective.  

Lars and Teague have never skied the Cold Fusion but I kinda think it's lame compared to some of the other options.  Plus with the vis going to crap and our limited timeline, I much preferred the more aesthetic Grunge.  Fortunately, the guys were easy going and the end result was one of Lars' favorite ski descents ever in Utah...even with junk snow.  

Marching upward

Pretty steep, pretty icy, pretty nice

We heckled Lars about his poor skinning technique lower down and then bickered like brothers.  He then put in the booter to the sky to prove his strength/worth.  I'm still laughing cause I already know he's strong as hell. 

Normally it takes a fair dose of courage to ski the Grunge from the top.  Today it made sense as it was easy to slip in without a huge cornice guarding the way.  



Island of safety?



Lars is a happy man even though he's now at work until late tonight!


  1. I am at work and a VERY happy man!! As always,thanks- that was sick!!!

    1. I can't believe you ski all that with those awful old skis

  2. Such a sweet looking line, I've been staring at that for quite some time now.