Thursday, January 1, 2015

To Feel Alive

For anyone living in the Wasatch, this last week has been one of the best in recent memory.  Cold, deep, literal over-the-head five percent has made me feel quite alive.   We haven't been skiing dream lines or anything even that steep but this was definitely a joyful end to another great year.  

The movie, "Steep" is filled with many of my skiing heroes.  Stephano de Benedetti, one of the Chamonix greats, has famously quoted,
"But to live so close to the possibility of dying, you understand what is really important and what [is] not. And this makes you a better person. It's probably the highest moment of my life. Because in the perfect moment, I was, or I felt to be, a little superman."
He is talking about pushing the envelope on a first descent so close to the edge that he had a heightened sense of life.  While I enjoy pushing my more modest limits at times, I also find that I can be better, do better, and at times, feel like a little superman by doing as much as possible with the inspiring people pictured below.  

To feel like a little superman, all one needs to do is put on a little superman shirt.  

My family on a chilly day in the Grand Wash, Capitol Reef NP



Pumpkin pie kryptonite being fingered by a dumpster by Jason and Noah

Wasatch speedsters

First actual summit of the season

Teague Holmes, the poet, optimist, and namesake for my boy. 

Lars Kjerengtroen, the indefatigable viking and namesake for my other boy. 

My boys Lars and Teague

Steep, deep and tight

Adam, Adam, and Chris surprised by the early season a good way. 

Adam O'Keefe doesn't care that his skis are skinny

Sometimes the Hulk trumps superman

The joy of seeing snow on Christmas.  I feel the same way. 

Kid pics are nice but this is better??

Tom Goth has been pushing us to up our game for a few years now. 

Noah Howell, the original Powder Whore in all his glory. 


And a little more Noah

Jason, Tom, and Bart on New Year's Eve (day) heading up Lone Peak

Little brother Jason has been inspiring me to step up my game since about 1996. 

Question Mark Wall


Bart Gillespe is one of the original light and fast prophets of the Wasatch


Happy New Year!


  1. Incredible pics of the kids, buddies and the mountains. We have so much to be grateful for. Thanks for bringing it Andy.