Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Week That Was: Oct 31st to Nov 6th

The theme of this week was suffering...and not the good kind. I worked 80 hours this week, 60 of it coming in two thirty hour sleepless shifts. Nevertheless, I was able to get out and go through the motions, attempting to get some training in.

Sun: Worked on Halloween

Mon: Got off early afternoon and hurried up to Alta and got in 2x12 min and 1x6min. Then down Main Chute and home for an easy 4 miles with Jessie.

Tues: Work from 6am to midnight

Wed: Continue working from midnight to noon. Then sleep. Then grogginess. Then more sleep.

Thurs: Day off. Met Jared for intervals in the dark. I still felt incredibly fatigued from the prior two days and was utterly wasted by the second 4 min interval. I went through the motions for four more and mostly watched the Samurai blow by me (I was sneaking head starts), and then leave me for dead. And, since there's no time to screw a bolt into my boot when doing intervals, I skied in walk mode. Horrible morning. Went home for a nap and then went up again with Adam. We did more Main Chute Laps for a total of ~7,500 ft for the day.

Here's a pic of me trying not to fall down on my race skis. (photo by Adam)

Fri: Work 5:30 am to midnight.

Sat: Work midnight to 10:00am. Then home to sleep for a couple hours. Then to Wasatch Touring to get my D.N.As fixed. Dynafit finally came through with the warranty buckle so hopefully I can quit bolting and destroying my boots. Then, I met up with Tanner for a nice easy run up Lamb's Canyon to the Millcreek pass.

It's gonna be like this all month. I think as much low intensity volume as I can find the time and motivation for will be the key.

Total Vertical for the season: 27,500 ft. Watch out Greg Hill.

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