Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 23: The Underrated Nature of November Powder

Ok. I repent for calling powder overrated. It's actually underrated. The only things that are overrated on a day like today are my POS skinny skis. I'm not an advocate for 120mm under foot, but 90 or so would have been nice.

AO enjoying the Hallway:

We had a nice tour this afternoon, skinning up Flagstaff, taking two runs into Days, up and then down the Hallway Couloir, laying a skinner up out of Cardiff, and then scoring ridiculous powder from the ridge between Cardiff Peak and the Black Knob down to road.

Although, about 2/3 of the way down, our gully was joined by one below the Black Knob, which appeared to have been flushed in its entirety. From what I can tell, it turns out these guys (whose creative work and backcountry work I have admired for years) were nearly the victims. Having been on that ridge a few times over the last weeks, the trigger zone went from rocks with frost to dangerous wind loaded slab in a matter of days. However, the area we skied was of a slightly different aspect, not as high on the ridge, and had a better base prior to the recent storm. None of which played into our decision to ski that line. The snow all afternoon was stable, and I wouldn't have thought twice had I not seen the debris and the above linked post. Humble Pie indeed.

Regardless, John said today was his best day skiing...ever. He lived in Crested Butte for years. Take that Colorado.

Here's another budget film with some highlights:

The Underrated Nature of November Powder from andy dorais on Vimeo.

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  1. ER=Extra Recreation residency, (I'm jealous). I got out this morning but ran out of time, had to work, but did get a few turns in 0% water content snow. Not as long as your lines (more jeaous).