Friday, October 29, 2010

Days 4 and 5, Baldy Fest Continues

Got out Thursday after working late the night before, intent on having a good training day. I ended up taking three laps from the Alta parking lot to near the top of Baldy, skiing the main chute, the shoulder, and back into Snowbird for a total of around 7,500 ft. Not very imaginative, but I feel like I should take advantage of the time I have and the already fleeting snow. Also, with my continued boot problem, a 2,500 ft shot limits the transitions and makes gaining vert more efficient. Adam came up for the last lap and I think he had a good time...

Adam on Baldy's shoulder (looker's right of main chute)

Then today, I had a bit of free time and thought it would be a good idea to go stretch the legs after a relatively big early season day. That meant yet another run up Baldy. I was pretty pleased with how my legs recovered from yesterday's effort. I was tired today but still had a little bounce. I'm ready for something else but unless Dumper's starts dancing again I might have to wait awhile.

And, after multiple recent lectures about wearing a helmet...

Happy everyone?


  1. Some days I won't even get out of bed without wearing my helmet! Glad to see you wearing yours these days. I didn't/won't lecture you about wearing it - I think you've figured out why they're important all on your own - but I hope it continues as we move into more serious terrain.