Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 21: Little Pine Chute - Powder's Overrated

Went out with JS today looking for something fun to ski. I know there's probably a ton of nice consolidated powder in tree sheltered areas. I also know there is absolutely none in Little Pine Chute. I knew that going into the day, but often I find myself in search of type B fun, which my brother describes as only fun after the fact. Maybe this didn't qualify since I had fun the whole time anyway in spite of, or maybe because of all the breakable crust, roller balls, wet slide debris, and rocks. A run into Mineral Fork revealed that it is pretty trashed by wind right now too.

Don't believe me? Watch the budget video to see for yourself.

Little Pine - Powder's Overrated from andy dorais on Vimeo.

Going to the Selkirks up in Canada next week - anyone have any ideas for stuff to ski up there?

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