Monday, November 8, 2010

Days 8 and 9: From Famine to Feast

Our pure landscape was looking muddily polluted by the weekend. High temps and continuous sun had left the Wasatch pretty boney, even on the northerly aspects. Sure, there were pockets of "powder" here and there, but coverage was getting slim. You know I didn't really care though. After a nice ski down Main Chute, Adam and I went up to the top of Sugarloaf to see what we could find.

Didn't really find much snow but this ridge descent was a blast. It was a game of trying not to take off our skis. Here's AO picking his way though the rocks.

A shot toward the Castle, trying not to fall off to the left. (Photo credit: AO)

End of the road. (Photo credit: AO)

Followed by a fun run with good snow into Albion Basin toward Cecret Lake. (Photo credit: AO)

Then, today, I woke up at 5 to ride my bike to work and to my surprise, it was raining. You'd think I'd be bummed, but rain in the valley means snow in the mountains. The weather guys were predicting up to 13 inches today. Not sure what the resorts are reporting but it had to be pretty close.

The weather vane on Baldy's summit going crazy.

It was windy, cold, flat light, and fun.

Until we dropped into Perla's and found the snow to be unstable as evidenced by widespread cracking and a 12" crown that Adam ripped out. I don't think the whole bowl would pull, but it was a good reminder to take it easy early season. Being respecters of the Lanche, we promptly booted back out.

Adam wallowing

Our exit turned out to be this little east facing number.

By then it was getting dark and my crappy googles had fogged up so I took snow flakes to the eye balls all the way home.

Our world has been rejuvenated, with more to come. Be careful out there.

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  1. Nice post.

    It really looks different up there now! Lots of snow now. Kudos to you guys for skiing the rocks with a little bit of snow before this storm cycle moved in. I decided to run last week instead of ski but looks like I missed some adventurous days.

    I skied this morning which makes my ski days to your ski days ratio about 20%. I need to work on that.