Thursday, February 18, 2016

Timp Photos

Last week I mentioned on Instagram that Mount Nebo might be my new favorite peak in the Wasatch.  The prolific Derek Weiss commented, "Nebo is the new Timp.  Timp is pissed!"  Trying to keep all the ladies happy, we went and gave Timp a little attention, first on the south end and then another day on the north end.  

From Provo Canyon, we fought the scrub oak until finding clean passage through a chute to the long ridge above Lost Canyon.  By this time, the day seemed to have gotten away from us and we bailed on grander plans to ski some corn, then some mank and then some shrubs before walking back to the car.  A nice meal at Fong Asian Diner completed the morning. 

Climbing a soggy chute on Timp's south end

Cascade's impressive North Face with Noah Howell looking small on the ridge. 

Matt Galland above his home turf

Smoggy days

Jason skiing before things got nasty

The exit was actually pretty fun
Early this week, we had plans to ski some low elevation lines but with the recent warming making everything too sloppy, we made a semi early start from American Fork Canyon.  Intent on skiing something on the north end of Timp, we skinned forever on the flat road before being drawn toward the Grunge.  Plastered in rime, there was no way to pass it up.  

We climbed the nice access chute to the top of the huge Grunge apron before getting a little spooked by some huge wind slabs and the massive cornice guarding the top of the chute.  We turned it around and capped the morning with a nice lunch at Thai Basil in Cottonwood Heights.  Live to ski.  

Near the top of the access chute

The Grunge

This little ramp ends above a cliff but I had Jason ski it anyway for the pictures. 



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