Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spanish Snow

Sam Todd is new to backcountry skiing but he's a quick study and hard worker.  To test his preparation, we took him to the promised land with only moderate expectations of both.   Not only did he prove his worth, the UC delivered with some of the best snow and scenery...ever.  

The trail breaking was deep but with 5 percent snow, it was almost effortless.

Sam and his new rig.  He mistakenly thought he needed a lot of beef to be able to ski in the backcountry.  Misled by some other friends, he made a $1500 mistake but I think he has seen the light. 

JD entering an enchanted forest. 


  1. Did Sam ditch his Maestrales? Get some aliens? If he did, I'm gonna have to slip some lead weights in his pack next time we ski so I can keep up! That burn looks sweet!

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