Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some Good Days

This winter has seen a return to normal in the Wasatch but it feels like we've won the lottery.  Last week, I got out for some great tours with a lot of the usual crew.   

Heading up a ridge on the west side of Timp, I was caught in a moment of indecisiveness while evaluating conditions.  With a gloveless hand, I'm reaching for an inclinometer to see how safe our safe ridge really was.  Photo by Matt Galland. 
After our midnight romp on Olympus, Lars was thirsty for more and we went up South Lone.  He's pictured here skinning near the summit. 
After skiing near Question Mark Wall, we traversed back into "Heaven's Halfpipe" as it's called by the locals.  With nearly 6000 feet of breakable crust to the car, I'd say it more resembled Satan's anus.  

Josh is still fairly new to the Wasatch and hadn't had much of a chance to explore outside of upper LCC.  We went on a scenic slog through White Pine, Red Pine, Maybird, Hogum, and then back around the Pfeiff to the south for a full circumnavigation.  Above, he's taking the sporty route into Hogum Fork. 

About to drop into Red Pine, I think he was happy to be done with the flat walking. 

Big Teague rolled into town for a few days to catch last weekends storm.  Here he is blasting out the lower portion of the Zeus Couloir on Olympus.  

Another of Big Teague from Saturday

Jason has been out for the last three weeks with his black and blue derriere and scrotum.  He finally got a CT of his pelvis and it turns out he fractured his coccyx during his accident.    With his treatment being "activity as tolerated" he decided he was done with TV and junk food and is glad to be skiing again.  I'm glad to have him back.  

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