Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Some Grunge Parties

We spent a few days last week on the north end of Timp, playing around in some no name couloirs and tagging the Grunge a couple times.  The first outing was in our typical weekend style - early, efficient, and ultimately always short on time.  The guys rallied though and were understanding of my need to get home for family duties.

Tom at the top of the unnamed couloir on the north end of Timp

Big Lars
Tom taking the fall line into the darkness


Bart has the best bike handling skills of anyone I know.  He's not bad on skis either!

Grunge Party!

We went back for round two with speedy photographer, Louis Arevalo for a photo shoot of the SCARPA F1, which will be released again in North America next season.  Also working as foot models were my brother, Andrew McLean and Noah Howell.  My feet didn't feel worthy!  It was a fun day with all of us taking pictures of the guy taking pictures of the next guy.  

We bumped into Billy Haas and Colby while heading up.  It's fun to watch those guys ski.

Noah taking a photo of Andrew's turn

Noah's turn

Jason's turn 
Noah, working hard to get the shot. 

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  1. Your pictures continue to torture me. I'll be back in Utah by May1st...hopefully there will be some snow left.