Thursday, March 17, 2016

Big Provo Ramps

There's a gorgeous ramp down into Big Provo Cirque that we've been eyeing for years.  It's hard to get to and is really short so I guess we never really thought it was worth the effort.  Well, it's nice to be wrong.  

Jason and I were joined by Tom Goth and Matt Galland for what turned out to be one of the cooler, albeit short ski descents we've done in the Wasatch.  Actually, Matt missed out as he kindly stayed perched above some cliffs to shoot photos of us in the chute.  I'll add those soon...

JD looking for the mystery chute

Tom Goth taking the fun way to the chute in the background

The top was STEEP and measured at 58 degrees.  Here's Tom peering over the edge into nothing. 

Beta:  We started in Dry Canyon from Lindon.  We were on dirt for a couple miles before dropping into the gully to the climber's right of the trail.  That will ascend to the summit ridge but the chute is still 400 meters to the south.  Alternatively, one could ascend past Stewart Falls into Big Provo Cirque or climb any of the other chutes from the SW.  

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