Friday, March 21, 2014

Salt Lake Twins NE Face

Yesterday I had one of the more enjoyable days of the season thus far skiing the Salt Lake Twins with Tom Diegle.  We made good time to the summit following old steep Wasatch style skin tracks, making it up in around two and a half hours. We debated our options since everything looked pretty filled in and great but I had never made my way down the NE face so that settled it.

Skiing in a goofy pink Korean ladies hat, Scarpa Aliens paired with Black Diamond skis, and just having celebrated his 49th birthday, Tom made skiing some steep variable snow look damn good.  I was in matching Outdoor Research gear with the new F1 Evo boots and Magico skis and made everything look pretty ugly.  Oh well, it was a great time down a new to me descent with perfect splitter weather and mostly soft snow.

Down in the drainage Tom suggested we go back up the the Drom shoulder and exit past Lake Blanche which was also new to me and proved to be quite an improvement over the standard exit.

Passing under the ice fall and some mighty big glide cracks and crowns

Tom just after gaining the saddle at the base of the saddle between the Twins and O'Sullivan

I love this route for the little bit of scrambling in ski boots.  Here, Tom shows how to get it done with his little pink hat that he bought in Korea to fit in with the ladies hiking around in a national park outside of Seoul.  I think he brought it along to fit in with the Korean who was hiking around the Broad Fork drainage with him. 

From the Summit!

This is how Tom does from the top!

Big cracks and big crowns

Tom Diegle showing how to ski big lines in good style. 

The snow was a bit variable but no one complained too much 
Nice view of our descent with a couple of little ants hiking up to make some squiggles. 

We decided to exit from the Drom shoulder as it's cleaner than the Broad's exit.

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