Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Little Canada (Broad's Fork and the Twins)

Went up Broad's again with Lars yesterday.  It seemed he had two goals this winter and they were to ski Lone and the Twins since he looks at them everyday on his drive home from work.  Since I had such a fun morning with T-Dawg (he calls it little Canada) the other day I figured we should do it all again but this time I planned on skiing directly from the and crappy snow be damned.  

We started hiking Teton style and were shortly skinning on a firm spring-like snow pack into the upper drainage.  I felt like garbage and after confiding this to Lars he said that he was enjoying the pace and that it was easy.  Screw him.  

We must not have been going that slow cause we managed to summit in just over two hours and topped out with local Salomon man, Brody Leven and superb photog Adam Clark.  We shot the breeze with those guys for a bit and then dropped into the NE "Couloir" from the summit and found an incredible mix of dry powder on the skier's right and perfect corn on the left side of the chute.  Spring skiing is probably my favorite.  But then again, powder skiing, steep skiing, and ski racing are also my favorites.  

After a lot of smiling and laughing, we found our selves walking in our boots down the last stretches of pine needle trails back to the truck.  That fine morning was topped off with a nice Chinese lunch and a nap before strolling into work quite happy with the world.  

Also, I think I've now skied the F1 Evo to do a proper review so when I get some time I'll put down a few thoughts and detailed pictures...

It's T-Shirt weather heading up into "Little Canada" as Tom Diegle likes to call this place. (photo by Lars)
Time to do some scramblin (photo by Lars Kjerengtroen)
Testing out the blue boots on some rock while taking a crotch shot of Lars who is about to ski the Twins for the first time.
Hiking the East Ridge to the East Summit of the Salt Lake Twins (Photo by Adam Clark)

We were running to try and catch up to Brody and Adam and didn't know that Adam was shooting some pretty cool photos of us on the ridge. (Adam Clark)
Pretty happy to be on another summit. (photo by Brody Leven)
Adam Clark got a few pretty shots of us making ugly turns off the summit

Big Lars hopping his way down a nice mix of cold pow on the skier's right and nice corn on the skier's left side of the chute.
Corn skiing at 10:15 AM on March 25th.  It's too hot in Salt Lake. 
Pretty scenic backdrop for a little skiing
 Thanks to Brody and Adam for the pictures!

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