Friday, February 21, 2014

New Snow, New Boots, a New Winter...

With some new snow, more options are opening up (with some imagination) and we've been out doing our best bushwhacking, trail breaking, and powder skiing (some grainy pics are below).  I've also been skiing some new boots, the SCARPA F1 Evo (out next season), and am glad with what I've experienced so far.  Right now I do everything in the Alien 1.0 but wouldn't mind a slightly bigger boot for some mountaineering projects.  First impression are that the F1 Evo will more than suffice.  For comparison, it walks better and skis better than my old TLT Performance boots (and I loved those).  There is a weight penalty (1150 gms in a size 27) and it has a longer sole length than the Alien (296 vs 287 in a size 27).  We'll see if it's worth it with some more "testing".  

"Why don't you go for a walk in the woods why don't ya"  - WOW

The avy danger is still quite high so we hiked some ridges

Stumbled upon some big slides that look like they were the result of cornice drops during the big recent storm cycle.  Here, Jason skis a skiff of powder over the bed surface. 

Wasatch wiggles

Looks bad but this is way better than the scrub oak below

Getting better!  

With rapid warming, we turned tail below the summit but were rewarded with still dry powder for a few thousand feet

Pretty beautiful backdrop for some chute skiing...


  1. Interesting that they ski better than the TLT5P, I was expecting the opposite given some fiddling with them at SIA. Have you used a fully automatic crampon on them yet?

    1. It's quite possible that if you took a new TLT and a new F1 it wouldn't be better. My memory of the TLT is of one that had 200 days of hard use and was a little loose. Nevertheless, I think they ski like a legit downhill boot instead of a rando race shoe. My standards on the DH probably aren't quite that stringent though...

      No crampon use yet but this does worry me a little as there isn't much room on the heel to accomodate one. I'll find out this weekend.

  2. Interesting to hear some tid bits on the Evo and I must say amazing shots, looks like a beautiful place!

  3. Amazing! I loved the location. I wonder if i can ever visit a place like this? Well anyways, can we wear Tory Burch black boots in these places or any special boots should we take along with us?

  4. Did you ever find a crampon that works with these? I'm not having much luck so far.