Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wasatch Skimo Citizen's Race #1: Skin the Turkey

Well, maybe it's the crappy snow pack or maybe people are buying into the "light is right" movement cause we just had nearly 100 racers show up for the first Citizen's race.  Thanksgiving morning was a huge success not only because of the massive participation but it was well supported by, the Sport Loft, Kate's Tram Bars, BCA, and my closet which keeps spitting out some hand me downs at these events.   Thanks to Jason Dorais, Chad and Emily B, and Tom Goth for setting the course!  This year, eight individuals are in charge on one race each so we'll get some different perspectives on what makes a great race.  Also, we are nearly half way to our goal of $2500 of donations to fund the series and pay for insurance for the whole lot of you!

Here are a couple pics and an awesome video made by Kyle Walcott:

Wasatch Citizen Series from Kyle Walcott on Vimeo.

Waiting around for me to draw a crooked start line and yell, "GO!"

90 people streaming up the icy skin track, earning their turkey!

The insanely fast Gemma Arro Ribot!

Jason and Tom putting the hurt on each other
The next race is Tuesday, Dec 3rd at 7PM.  Park by the church.  Please visit to register and make a token donation and fill out waivers before hand.

Also, Brighton has been incredibly generous to allow unrestricted uphill traffic but we are in danger of losing this privilege as some folks have been wandering too close to avalanche control operations on snow days.  The new rule passed down by the Ski Patrol is that if it has snowed at all, please check in with either a patroller or anyone in the parking lot with a radio to find out where it is safe to travel.  So rational.  So generous.  So easy.  Do it.